ICATEE Deliverables to Support ICAO Resources

In September 2010, ICATEE provided its first inputs to the FAA/Industry Stall/Stick-Pusher Working Group, recommending how to deal with Startle in simulation, and how to make better use of the instructor station in flight simulator training.

ICATEE’s main output will be through the International Committee for Flight Simulation Training Device Qualification (ICFQ) to ICAO. This is planned for the end of 2011.

ICAO recommends that two of their Annexes (Annex 1 and Annex 6) refer to the ICATEE developed manuals (MCU and 9625). In fact, there already exists text within these Annexes that states that upset recovery training shall be performed. We would therefore only need to modify small pieces of text in Annex 1, referring to our Manuals. In Annex 6, there may be ground to introduce a Standard for upset prevention and recovery (based on the MPL Standard) and for fixed-wing type rating (which may be limited to jet or turboprop type ratings). That will need careful word smithing and is further years down the line, once ICATEE delivers the Circular. There could be additional notes for MPL and other licences. ICAO will assist in defining these processes … for more information, please visit the following link:

Download: ICATEE Deliverables Draft 1.1

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