ICATEE Presentation to the Asian Aviation Community during the APATS Conference

The Asian Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS), held in Bangkok on 20 and 21 September, showcased the recent developments in pilot training in this region. Asia is currently the largest growth market in terms of the demands for pilot training. It is predicted that significant increases in aircraft numbers over the next 20 years will continue to drive the need for crews to be trained to operate them in a safe manner. Quality-driven training is necessary in order to maintain the high levels of safety and economic operations.

Capt. Paul Ransbury of Aviation Performance Solutions gave a presentation on the possible deficiencies of current pilot training with regards to mitigating Loss-of-Control in Flight. Dr.Sunjoo Advani, ICATEE’s chairman, gave an overview of the work being done by ICATEE to seek practical solutions to enhancing flight training to significantly reduce the likelihood of Loss-of-Control accidents.

As a result of the conference, several Asian airlines expressed interest in learning more about ICATEE’s work and participating in the evaluation of its deliverables.

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