Strong ICATEE Presence During the EASA Conference on Maintaining Control

On 4 and 5 October, EASA (The European Aviation Safety Agency) held a conference entitled “Staying in Control – Loss-of-Control Prevention & Recovery”. The meeting was attended by over 250 delegates from the global aviation community to meet and share the most recent information related to this issue. Members from EASA, the FAA, NASA, Boeing, Airbus and several regulatory/investigation boards presented their findings. Seven of the presentations were given by members of ICATEE, which made clear to the conference that our working group covers a broad spectrum of disciplines and activities. An overview presentation given by ICATEE chairman Dr.Sunjoo Advaniexplained the limitations of current training and how ICATEE proposes to overcome these through improved training at the basic (licensing) level, as well as during recurrent training and checking of pilots.

The conference website can be found here.

A review of the conference on the Aviation Safety Net can be found here.

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