NOS National News Coverage of ICATEE’s Loss of Control Training Implementation Accomplishments

Pilots must practice in reality how to prevent loosing control over their airplane and regain control in the case of an upset condition. The European Aviation Organization EASA is therefore changing the rules of training for commercial pilots; the USA has already mandated stall and upset training by law. IDT has helped to establish the training requirements program, featured in this national news coverage. Dr Sunjoo Advani, president of IDT, explains the need for UPRT and demonstrates a stall recovery in a flight simulator at FSC at Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands. Clarke McNeace of APS Training Europe gives classroom instruction and an in-flight exercise to South African Airways Boeing 737 pilot Warrick Meyer.

On 6 November 2014, the NOS news covered the subject during the evening news. To see the news broadcast, please see Uitzending Gemist (Dutch) or version with English subtitles on YouTube.

More background information on this news item can be found at the NOS journaal website (Dutch only).

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