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Aerobatics versus Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Every year Boeing releases a statistical summary of worldwide commercial jet accidents covering the preceding ten years. For several years now, Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) has led controlled flight into terrain as the number one cause of both accidents and fatalities[1]. The trend is similar with regard to business aircraft[2]. Clearly, LOC-I is a major flight safety issue. Despite this fact there are currently no defined standards for the delivery of upset recovery training. Now that we understand why this conversation is important, let’s consider some ways we can alleviate the problem. Read the rest of this entry

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International Upset Recovery and Enhanced Stall Training Working Group Gathers in Arizona

The International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes (ICATEE) Meets in Arizona this Week to Assess Advancements in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training to Enhance Commercial Air Safety Worldwide – A Report Issued by Boeing in July 2010 Identifies Loss of Control in-Flight (LOC-I) as the cause of the most crash-related fatalities in commercial aviation worldwide over the past 10 Years – Effectively Delivered Upset Recovery Training Mitigates the LOC-I Threat to Commercial Air Safety through Pilot Education and Skill Development. Arizona’s APS Emergency Maneuver Training has been Developing, Enhancing and Delivering LOC-I Solutions for Over 15 Years with Technologies that may Further ICATEE’s Global Flight Training Challenge. Read the rest of this entry

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ICATEE Visits APS in Mesa, Arizona to Assess On-Aircraft Upset Recovery Training Techniques

Joint ICATEE-APS Press Release

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KLM Student Pilots to Undergo Mandatory Upset Training

Original Article in Flight Global Magazine By John Croft KLM Flight Academy is to begin mandatory in-flight upset recovery training for students at its Phoenix, Arizona facility in February, using two Extra 300L single-engined aerobatic aircraft operated by Aviation Performance … Read the rest of this entry

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ICATEE Evaluates Upset Recovery Full Flight Simulator Enhancements in Oklahoma City, OK


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Deficiencies in Upset Recovery Training Methodologies

There are a number of research needs and deficiencies in training methodologies for upset/stall prevention and recovery training protocols. The verified program delivery outlined below integrates on-line computer-based training, instructor-led training, on-aircraft platforms and level D full flight simulators. Despite the content, sequence, methodologies and specialty topics delivered by a training organization, the success of any training program is directly related to the individual instructor’s ability to present a building block approach appropriate to, and tailored to, the individual pilot-in-training. UPRT is often an individualized training process due to both its inherent complexities and the widely varying experience levels of commercial pilots. Read the rest of this entry

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ICATEE Deliverables to Support ICAO Resources

In September 2010, ICATEE provided its first inputs to the FAA/Industry Stall/Stick-Pusher Working Group, recommending how to deal with Startle in simulation, and how to make better use of the instructor station in flight simulator training. ICATEE’s main output will … Read the rest of this entry

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What Really Can Be Done in Simulation to Improve Upset Training?

The Upset Recovery problem, Requirements, Upset Recovery Training needs, Technology gaps and possible improvements, Pros and cons of possible training solutions Read the rest of this entry

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ICATEE Training Group Deliverables – Executive Summary (London 7-8 June 2010)

This document is to supplement and assist ICATEE members in preparing for the June 7-8 2010 London ICATEE meeting. Through an introduction to the Graduated Strategy concept, it will clarify the purpose of the training matrix (attached); define the planned … Read the rest of this entry

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Media Photos / Charts: Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Upset Recovery and Loss of Control In-Flight Related Images:

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